Our Services

We provide services for assessing and monitoring a broad range of aquatic biology related aspects, using cutting edge technology. Our activities in this field can be resumed as Ecosystem Mapping:

We perform hydroacoustic surveys in all kinds of water bodies (sea, lakes, rivers, estuaries, reservoirs, etc.), using the latest digital scientific echosounder technology available. In addition, we perform surveys and inspections using a closed circuit television system.

In difference to the majority of our competitors here in Spain, the methodologies we use are current state of the art, as we regularly attend and present results from some of our studies (depending on clients permits) at national and international conferences.

We assess and evaluate fish assemblages (abundance, density, biomass, total number, spatial distribution, migrations, behaviour, etc.), submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) (coverage, distribution, height) and data on sediment types and bathymetry. Please see also our list of references.

All this data can be acquired in a quick and efficient manner and is then integrated into the ecosystem assessment.

Hydroacoustic survey

Typical setup for shallow water survey (reservoirs, marine near shore, etc.)

BioSonics DTX

BioSonics DTX digital scientific echosounder

Beam orientations

Vertical and horizontal beaming for full coverage

SAV coverage example

Mapping example of SAV (Submerged Aquatic Vegetation)

Bathymetric map example

Example of a bathymetric map

3D map example

3D map from multiparameter survey: Bottom types, bathymetry (in meters)
and delimitation of Cymodocea nodosa (light green) and Laminaria sp. (dark green).

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