About us

AQUASON Research & Technology, S.L.U. is a private consultancy that provides research and consulting services in aquatic habitats, mainly in coastal marine areas, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

We perform or contribute to environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring, biological cartograhpy and other studies related to aquatic environments (please see our list of references).

We are specialised in shallow water (< 100-200m) applications, with hydroacoustics and video as our principal evaluation techniques.

In difference to most of our competitors in Spain, we are using cutting edge technology and our methods are current state of the art, as we regularly attend and present results from our studies at national and international conferences. We are constantly in touch with international experts and the scientific community in general, always looking for the latest developments and aiming at introducing this knowledge in our daily work, for the benefit of our customers.

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Last updated: 08/09/14
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